Terms and conditions

All those who purchase a Roma Cristiana offer must be in possession of a valid purchase ticket, and are required to keep it for the duration of the itinerary and to show it upon request to the personnal in charge. Tickets must be stamped by the on-board assistant or by one of the stamping machines when the participant boards the bus. Tickets are non-refundable, nor can they be transferred to third parties: therefore, our on-board personnel is not authorized to grant refunds. O.R.P. commits itself to communicating eventual suspensions of service or route changes in case of protest or strike. Suspensions of service or changes in route due to force majeur (unannounced protests and/or strikes) do not give a right of refund. The participants of Roma Cristiana are required to pay for any eventual damages caused to vehicles, things or other participants. The following have the right to free transport: children from 0 to 9 years not completed, when accompanied by an adult; disabled persons; seeing-eye dogs. Transport of animals: small-sized dogs and cats are allowed on board pursuant to payment of a ticket. A maximum of two dogs are allowed per bus. Dogs must be on a leash and muzzled. The owners of the animals will be responsible for any eventual damages caused to the bus, to O.R.P. personnel or to other passengers. Luggage: luggage exceeding the dimensions of 25x45x80 cm will not be allowed on board. There is no extra charge for collapsible strollers and musical instruments no greater than 115x50x20 cm. 9. Animals and/or baggage can be refused by O.R.P. personnel due to the demands of our services. 10. Passengers are required to respect the O.R.P. security norms shown on board.

Pilgrims must show up at the meeting point. Those who do not respect the starting time of the itinerary will be considered no-shows and will not be provided a refund. O.R.P. is not responsible for the cancellation of itineraries due to events and/or conditions out of the organization's control. Such events include, but are not limited to, religious celebrations, security reasons, extraordinary events and extreme weather conditions. In such cases O.R.P. is not obliged to refund the ticket but may transfer the itinerary to another date. Appropriate clothing is required for pilgrims who intend to visit churches and/or basilicas. It is mandatory to have shoulders and legs covered. The pilgrims who use the audio guides of the Vatican Museums and/or those of St. Peter's Basilica are required to present a currently valid I.D. to the respective personnel. The I.D. will be returned upon return of the audio guide and must use them with care and according to their intended purpose. The itinerary may undergo changes resulting from unforeseen activities or events by the Holy See or the State of Vatican City.

In the event of a no-show and renunciation, the pass is non-refundable. Furthermore, no refund is offered for passes that are purchased but not retrieved. In the event of acquisition via the Internet, the right of a refund is expressly excluded. Please notice that the OMNIA Vatican&Rome voucher is valid for 12 months following date of purchase.

ORP will not replace the pass in the event that it goes missing, is lost, damaged or destroyed, or if it is stolen or becomes unreadable. The pass will be substituted only in the event that it is deemed to have defects not caused by negligence or malintent on the part of the user.
For anything not covered here, consult Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi's General Terms and Conditions, where applicable.

For that which regards special terms covered by current norms relative to entry at museums and state archaeological sites and by the Commune of Rome covered in the Omnia Vatican & Rome kit, please consult the website www.romapass.it.
In the event of purchasing services not included to Omnia Vatican & Rome, please consult the website of the organizer or providers of the specific service.