St. Peter's Mamertine Prison

Archaeological excavations are ongoing. The site is scheduled to open early 2016

Via Clivo Argentario, 1

Located at the foot of the Capitol with an expansive view of the Roman Forum, the Tullianum, the oldest Roman prison, is the place where, according to tradition, the Apostles Peter and Paul were held captive and spent their last days before their martyrdom. In Tullianum, known as Mamertino in the Middle Ages, other famous historical figures were also imprisoned including Vercingetorix, King of the Gauls and Jugurtha, King of Numidia. It is hard to say with certainty when this site lost its function as a prison to become a place of pilgrimage for early Christians. According to some sources it became a place of worship as early as the 4th century, when Pope Sylvester I dedicated it to St. Peter in Prison. Today the complex is located below the Church of St. Joseph, built by the Confraternity of Carpenters from 1597.