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St. Peter's Square

Built on the tomb of Peter, the Basilica was erected around the year 320 by Emperor Constantine. It is located on the Vatican Hill, not far from the Circus of Nero, the place of martyrdom where the first apostle was crucified just like his Master Jesus. Today, on this burial ground there is the Papal Altar, symbol of the mission of the Church which is always renewing itself: The Bishop of Rome is in fact Peter's successor. Built on the site of the Constantine basilica, today the Basilica is an expression of the volition of the Popes of the Renaissance, who made use of the brilliance of the greatest artists of the time such as Donato Bramante and Michelangelo. The magnificent seventeenth-century facade by Carlo Maderno and Bernini's colonnade still welcome the faithful to the Eternal City in a symbolic embrace. Visitors must not miss the visit to the tombs of the Popes located in the Vatican Grottos, where you can stop to pray over the tomb of Peter and over those of his successors.